What can I do with a QR code?

Build a bridge to your content

QR codes can link to pretty much any content on the web. They provide an instant jumping-off point for your customers – and potential customers – to find and view anything you want to put in front of them. One quick scan with any modern smartphone and users go directly to branded content such as a website, a simple text message or styled HTML/CSS page, create a Tweet, a Facebook "Like" button, your contact information (VCARD), or several different types of files you provide such as images, PDFs, or videos. We're adding different types of allowed content types every month!

Sounds great, but why do I need SmartyTags?

Track code analytics

Better data drives better decisions

You're using QR Codes – great! Do you know how many people scanned your code? Maybe, if you used a custom URL, you can track the scans with your existing website analytics platform (though most of you reading this probably don't track your code this way). However, do you know where people are when they scan your code? Unless you know exactly where your code is at all times, almost certainly not below the country level, even with the best of web analytics programs. You also don't know what kind of device people used to scan your code. Should you concentrate your development efforts toward iOS, Android, or WebOS? Which one do your potential customer use the most? SmartyTags will let you know all this and more.

Generate codes

Creating a code is easy

You can create a code right now. You'll need to sign up for a free account (takes less than a minute and we're super-cool about your privacy). For one code at a time, that's free too! If you need more, check out our plans & pricing.

Manage campaigns

Campaigns work for you

Dealing with multiple campaigns can be a hassle if you constantly need to keep on top of them. We allow you to set start & end dates for all code content and even have a custom page to redirect to once the end date has arrived. Think about a coupon or a "Video of the Month" that changes as time goes by. Use the same code, but point to different content. Set everything up in advance and get back to concentrating on your business.

Use your codes

Code to image to graphic designer in seconds

Choose any color in the rainbow and quickly export any code in multiple image formats including PDF, PNG, and JPG. We help shrink the timeframe from code idea to final printed or posted version. The quicker your code gets in front of your customers, the better for everyone. Our in-house designers can also make custom designed codes for you. Learn more about custom designed codes.

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